Talk about a FUN, SIMPLE, site. This is certainly one.

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Welcome! This is an anonymous stop on the internet designed exclusivley for entertainment. It was created with an artistic train of thought, however what it conveys and contains is completely perceived by the participants.

Contents may contain nudity and sexual content. You must be over 18 years old to participate or view.

Well It is up by the revised target date. It was only revised on time ;). I hope you have fun here, watch it change, and view it as an entertaining rest stop along the highway. This site is an experiment in a couple ways.

#1 - This is the first product testing my hand at PHP. It took me approximately 4 days to do this (and it probably looks like it) but I like the simple look. When I registered the domain name my thoughts were pretty much like it sounds. Well during the development I had another thought. Examining the definition of nude reveals that it mearly means uncovered. Possibly the site will expand into a place that takes thoughts, stories, debates, or whatever you may uncover when you want a place to just be you anonymously or not. Use the available forms as you see fit for now and I will ad more as I discover your needs. I know it is extremely plain today, that will change as my skills expand. I will however try to keep it as brief and simple as possible.

#2 - I have spent my share cruising the so called free Adult Sites. I have seen the better than life model looking people that allure you in from the limited non member search. I have received the emails from supposed members. The tactics which make you quickly realize you MUST fill out a lot of questions, text fields, and become a lot less anonymous. Then of course there is the pulling out of the credit card to really access the so called free site. NONE of that here. You reveal as little or much as you please. A screen name and gender is required, BUT THAT IS IT, and the reasons are more technical than anything else. I also have spent many a thought wandering how many of those people are real volunteer posts. Well, this experiment will allow us to see just what the ratios and boldness will be when there really are NO restrictions or credit cards.

So far there is no advertising or promotion for this site. If you found it and like it, great! If not, feel free to move on.

Please feel free to Email Me any comments.